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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 25, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is thursday, september 25th, good morning, everyone. i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. we have live team three coverage. meteorologist katie fehlinger is track ago this rain and how long it will be with us. carol right this meteorologist carol eric on in atlantic city. carol, each time we see you it is getting worse and worse. >> it is awful out here we are in front of the flagship absecon inlet. the these wind have really picked up. so you can see that detear racial and the conditions here this morning. in fact, also the rain is coming down. andy, you can just show this. the storm drains are blocked. we have high tides that are starting to come up. i think we will be finding more in the way of street flooding and finding water in the street. if you turnaround you can see how the wind is making this
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wind whip. standing out in atlantic city. particularly in the spots like i'm on, main avenue, you're really, really dealing with the element at this point. the high tides are coming in various times up and town the coast. we cane what the ocean is up to at this point. we're not that far from it. i'll tell you my jeans didn't have about 40 found in each leg i think i would be blowing off this entire little sea wall here. you can see the ocean is starting to come up, big waves coming across here all morning long. so, this system is not over, that storm is out there it is turning up the water. the the inlet, of course and also in the the atlantic ocean. so the best advice is the advice we have been giving all morning. if you have to be outside, don't take your great umbrella. it won't last for you. you'll need a hoodie. bring your pets in. this is in weather for them to
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be out either. we will just look close with the shot, looking down the street at the wind driven rain through the streets here in atlantic city. so, we have tides that are going up. we have winds in the 30 plus miles an her category up and down the coastline. it is quite a morning as we enter the very first bets of fall. or summer. let's head back the two studio. >> thank if you that are look indeed. see when this will move out. >> here's awe where we can check with katie, what do you think. >> very soon might be a little optimistic unfortunately, we will be stuck with this, especially at the shore points. we are looking at an entire day's event out of this. but we're in the brunt right now, so i guess that is a glimmer and light at the end of the tunnel here for us. as we go out first and foremost to some of the people wind gust that is we have clean up so far. as you can see where carol is, that is where a hot spot is as well. 38 miles an hour gusts.
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the high owes we have seen thus far. it is a very blustery start to the day. we are dealing with this kind of a soaking rain. i'll going to show you rainfall intensity. doppler 101. brighter color on the radar more intense that rainfall will be. lets take you out to the lancaster and berks county. look at that, precipitation, and, 2.06 inches per hour. that will sit over you for a few hours. what that means is it is a soak rain toward mercer county, up towards bucks county. lets take you there next if we can. there you go. just over a half an inch of rain being pick up on doppler indication right now. we will zoom it out. there is a back edge to this, it is to the south. the problem is, that we need this storm to basically get shoved out to sea. so it will eventually sort of take a little bit of a right-hand hook, eventually moving out to sea but it will take sometime for that to happen. you cannot expect that things will get that much better, all of that soon from right now. 60 degrees is the current
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temperature at the airport. northeast breeze will not make it feel that way. so be ready for a chilly, raw, day, and the second you walk out the door, you will get drenched in a lot of spots. rain amounts, general expectation, one to 2 inches, poor drainage flooding is already occurring. torey will be talking about that and reduced visibility. you beach a. over the course of the next couple of hours through the afternoon, we will see a handful of debreeze tacked on. you will not see the sun today. don't expect it. do expect that it will be ape slow drive out there. you have to pack your patients when dealing with this, vittoria, over to you. absolutely, katie, you said it, low visibility, packing your patients, using extra caution. that is definitely all great, they are all great tips for this morning's commute, because if you don't, you could end up in an incident if you are traveling specifically, this incident right here, this is 202 northbound right around the area of henderson road at king of prussia we have an accident compromising right-hand lane at the intersection here. folks get by but generally
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speaking it will be slow in this area it also seems to be southbound 202 in and out of the king of prussia area is a problem as well. we have construction in the right-hand lane from the admiral wilson boulevard to eighth and vine. all bridges are wet and slick. be careful. all of our roads are slick. also slow. twelve is your average on the schuylkill. twelve on i-95 specifically southbound delay and out of academy through the the vine, we have high volume on i-95 right around 452. traveling 46 is your average on 476, and heading out on the pennsylvania turnpike we have westbound delays approaching mid county. almost two hours delights at philadelphia international the airport. mass transit not too much of a problem, ukee. well, developing right now three suspects charged in the attack on the same sex couple in center city are freed this morning after posting bail. we are hearing from their lawyers and a friend of the victims. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is at central detective right new where the suspects appeared for an overnight arraignment, jane,
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good morning. >> reporter: they had had to sit here at central detective all night the but all this morning these three suspects in the brutal beating of the the gay couple in center city were a rain. new they are facing charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and criminal conspiracy. it is first good look at the three people accused of being the the aggressors in the brutal beating of the the gay couple in center city. that is 24 year-old philip williams. twenty-four year-old catherine knott and 26 year-old kevin harrigan, all three were arraigned on assault charges thursday morning and released on bail. williams and harrigan leaving together after posting $75,000 bail while knott left after posting $50,000. the group turned themselves in 24 hours ago. that the is will yanks surrendering with his attorney. >> with respect to my client he was not agreeser. he did not initiate anything. he only became involved in the incident after one of the per ported victims in the case punched one of the young girls
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in the face out on the street that night. >> reporter: similar case made from the other defense attorney. >> my client's role in it is limited. i think it will come to light he didn't deliver bows that broke that jaw. >> we don't deny that this gentlemen was injured. >> reporter: williams attorney goes on to say the that the confrontation was a mutual fight and had nothing to do with sexual orientation. victims don't want to be identified have not spoken since the charges were filed. a friend though says that the defense's account just isn't true. >> a mutual fight is not telling your buddies hold his arms, we will take turn punching you in the face. >> reporter: victims say this happened as gay slurs were yelled at them. catherine knott has been suspend ed from her job as an emergency tech at lansdale hospital. abington health released this statement bain investigation, investigation, it is conducting. we are conducting an investigation on an additional
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issue that was brought to our attention related to the victim's employee twitter account for violations of patient privacy and our organization's social media policy. abington helps takes patient privacy very seriously and is fully investigating this matter. now these three suspects are due back in court the at the end of september. reporting live outside central detective, jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> jane, thank you. a gun battle erupt outside a philadelphia school and this morning one person is dead and two others are hospitalized. chopper three was over the the scene as investigators taped off the corner of third and cambria streets in fair hill. that is right outside the pan american academy charter school. we're told the driver and another man, on foot fired several shots at each other. the driver lost control and ran in the innocent bystander. the charter school and two other schools were placed on lock down. >> we just all ran in the
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building. >> the driver of the car was pronounced dead at the hospital. the other shooter and pedestrian are said to be in stable condition. crime leather in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood to tell you about. right new police are searching for a man who went on a burglary spree hitting multiple homes and taking advantage of the cooler, weather. our walt hunter has pictures of the suspect. >> reporter: police say for serial burr glance seen in the surveillance pictures these are windows of opportunity, the windows of self chestnut hill homes like these, that he slipped into between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. on monday, september 15th. >> it just seemed like he is a very with a quick hit and makes his escape quickly. >> reporter: lieutenant otto says burglar wastes no time stealing easy to cap i things like lap top and purses. >> it is scary. it is an invasion of privacy. it is a threat to the people that live in the the house. >> reporter: police say serial
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burglar appears to be taking advantage of the cooler weather targeting homes where windows are now opened or screens are still in place. >> it is nerve racking. to be on the alert all the time you never know what will happen, it is scary. >> reporter: while burglar has not threatened or assaulted anyone police are concerned about what could happen if he is confrontedded by a resident. >> any home owner is concern about someone breaking in the house and it is concern about potential violence. >> until he is caught police advice is to keep windows down and the alarm systems activated. >> he went through the trouble to put it in your home so why not use it. >> reporter: with plenty of pictures and help from the public police hope catching this window burglar will soon be an open and shut case. in chestnut hill walt hunter, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. your time is coming up, there are new signs that the tides turning in the fight begins isis.
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u.s. led coalition launch another wave of air strikes against targets in syria. we are getting word that 150 people being held by the group of been released out of fear of more strikes. meanwhile, president obama continues to keep the pressure on, the country's to join the fight. still a head this morning there are new developments in the manhunt for eric frein. >> two weeks since he is accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers police are sharing what they have uncovered so far in the poconos. also head a vigil is held for missing virginia college student hanna graham, same day police make an arrest in the case of her disappearance, and, they are changing brand new video overnight, katie. we've got soaking rain and not actually raining. consider yourself lucky. thinks a wash out of the morning commute. we will have details, traffic and wet are coming up together to get you out the door and where you you need to be and get through safely. we will be right
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authorities have found new evidence that suggest they are getting close to finding the man who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers. eric frein is believed to be hiding out somewhere in rural monroe county. search crews found several pieces of trash in an uncommon brand of cigarette they think he left behind. own if they find him they are in the taking any chances. >> frein has prepared and planned extensively for months or maybe years for this attack and his efforts to avoid apprehension. >> authorities say that there has been several sightings but no opportunity to make an arrest. extradition process is underway for a man authorities say is responsible for disappearance of a university of virginia student. this is new video of jesse williams as authorities transported him from a texas prison.
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he was apprehended yesterday on a beach in texas. as wendy gilette reports, despite an arrest there is still no sign of hanna graham. >> the the glow of cell phones served as can also at a vigil for missing university of virginia student hanna graham. a moment of silence was held at the high school the 18 year-old had attended in virginia. >> hanna never forgot to put others before herself and that is why everyone loved her so much and why we are all here tonight. hand, we love you so much. please come home. >> reporter: yesterday, police arrested a suspect in the case three two-year old jesse matthew, junior. he was taken in custody after pitching a tent on the beach near galveston, texas. graham was last seen on surveillance video in charlottesville, virginia before she disappeared september 13th. he's charge with the count of abduction with the intent to defile this case noise where near over. we have a person in custody but there is a long road ahead of us and that long road
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includes finding hanna graham. >> reporter: it is unclear if graham knew matthew. he says his sonnies innocent. >> to kill, or to hurt somebody, that is not my son. >> matthew will be extradited to virginia. a reward to find graham is now up to hundred thousand dollars. in new york, wendy gilette for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. all right. lets update this storm and check first with katie, good morning. >> we will start off here at middletown ship high school where a dreary start is underway. thing that stand out to me is the win coming in straight up out of the east at 24 miles an hour. that is your sustain wind speed. entire gust we are experiencing right now. notice a glimmer of sunlight off in the distance here. we will go next to storm scam about. do you see there is a back edge to this storm system. problem is if you look over the course, how it is starting to wedge back in. i cannot guarantee you are
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done with rain in cape may county or sussex county in delaware but we are eventually going to see this storm make a right hand hook move out to sea, high pressure takes over. it will take sometime looking ahead to future weather. by 11:00 a.m. this morning between the next couple of hours we will see how things dry out at least a little bit or taper off would be bet tire put that here. we have some showers around into the early afternoon especially through new jersey and southeastern pennsylvania but high pressure really wants to take over. it will take over, and later on tonight, it will be allowing these showers to completely retreat and taper off in totality. so by tomorrow morning, we will end up with enough gorgeous sunrise. we will make sure we bring that to you. it will be a nice trade off the in the wake of what we are dealing with for now. let's time out some good news, shall we. we are experiencing a long weekend maybe here friday looks like it will turn nicer but i have got to tell you sat day and sunday my two favorite
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days of the next fall because of high pressure overhead, we will hit lower 80's. we will warm up, we will get full sunshine for both weekend days. so, remember those weekend, this past summer where it was so nice. it is basically like that out there in the coming days, but for now very dreary, very fall-like obviously and same wind out of the north east here making it feel chilly but gets so much better with every passing day, variety tore y. >> those pesky sustain winds, you know, geese. good morning, everyone. you know what else will get you is those slick spots on the road. thirty bypass head ing in the eastbound direction approaching 113, we have an accident blocking the left-hand lane and this one lane of traffic only moving by this but that is causing quite a delay on top of rush hour delays. and we will look the at the schuylkill expressway we have rush hour. westbound and eastbound. even though we are seeing this delay right here pulling up our wide speed sensors are making it even more awful. well, it really is.
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six is your average on the schuylkill. southbound boulevard, delayed approaching the schuylkill we are slow once you get there and heading in to downtown or your western suburbs you are jam. four on 476, 95, out towards the the area of route one, it vice slow in the northbound direction. eleven on the southbound side of i-95 in northeast philadelphia look at path turnpike westbound delays approaching mid county tolls, also 422, eastbound jammed royersford to 202. we have an accident on 295 southbound at black horse pike look at that delay, streaming back towards 73. so high volume there. you will also have some high volume on the 42 freeway approaching walt, two hour delays at the airport, erika. >> torey, thank you. nascar driver tony stewart will in the face charges in the death of sprint car driver kevin ward. a grand jury decidedded against dieting stewart yesterday. accident happened august 9th at a dirt track in upstate new york. ward had climbed from his car after it spun out race ago long side stewart.
8:20 am
the 20 year-old walk down the track waving his arms and was hit by stewart. authorities say ward had marijuana in his system at the time of his death. your time 8:20. it sound like something out of the hollywood thriller. >> workers restoring a statue find a surprise hidden in the head. we will tell but a discovery coming up next, but first here's what is coming up tonight on the cw philly. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit!
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you'll need an umbrella and a make it is a sturdy one. >> that wind with carol down the shore. >> no question bit. >> more of the weather and traffic in a bit. >> incredible discovery is about to take residents in the boston area on a trip back in time. >> this is so neat. this started when construction crews started restoring two large statues from the cities state house. just by sheer luck, they noticed something strange inside the head of one of the those lions. they found a time capsule dating back to 1901. the big question what is inside of it. >> tv camera inside the lie on's head. we have not opened it just yet but we have to figure out how you to take it out of the lion without damaging it. >> i'm sure they will figure it out. state house where it is from is oldest public building, in the country. the critics hope to open it up
8:24 am
as earl as neck week. we cannot wait to see that. >> can't wait to hear that. >> it could be loose change. a huge let down, all right, never mind. >> some folks in iowa are getting creative with hey. >> check it out, that is a semi truck made almost entirely out of bails of hey. it is all part of the third annual hail bail contest held in charleston. voting runs through in and winners can get scholarships to iowa state. we will be right back.
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good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. three people charged with a same sex couple in center city are out on bail. "eyewitness news" was outside central detectives this morning as catherine knott, philip williams and kevin harrigan left for home. victim says suspect yelled gay slurs and beat both of them. williams and harrigan posted $57,000 bail appease, knott posted 50,000. katie has latest on the rainy forecast, good morning in. >> really the brunt of this storm, ukee is happening as we speak. things will gradually taper off as far as win and rain. thinks making for a rough morning drive. we will show you storm scan 31st and foremost where brightest colors are where heavier rainfall is at this hour but it does look better
8:26 am
then it did, say at 5:00 a.m. so you you know it is still a soggy start, it is progressive liz starting to taper off. the keyword here is gradual. don't expect that these temperatures will climb very much either. mid 60's at best here. we will drop it down to the mid 50's later tonight but wet weather will get out of here. we have a chance to not only clear up but also warm up and then we can even looks fabulous. that nice weather hold until monday too. vittoria, over to you. >> we need suggest to look forward to because you are definitely not looking forward to the rush we are experiencing right the new because of this weather, low visibility, slick spots all over the roadways. we have been having incident popping up like eastbound on 422, seems to be an accident more so on the median, but you're jam right around the area of 29 approaching that point, out of royersford down to 202. in addition you're traveling six on the schuylkill, on 476 and 11 on i-95, maim or delays if new jersey as well. we have an accident on the 42
8:27 am
at 295 so give yourself some more time, ukee. next update 8:55. up next this morning a conversation with new york giants quarterback eli manning, new york and washington tonight on thursday night ring ring! progresso!
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hi, good morning, thanks so much for joining us we are keeping an eye on the system that has been around here all morning long. >> depend ing where you are the rain can be intense. let's check with katie with the very latest. >> this storm is basically bringing core of it issuing
8:30 am
eulogies and brunt of what it has to offer to our area right now and it has been doing it all morning long. with a eventual time here we will see things get quieter but yuck, storm scan three and i mean the whole region is stuck in this right now. if you are lucky enough to have a fine drizzle, perhaps nothing at all, i think you can consider yourself lucky because the odd man out as we would say here. so, there is a very distinct back edge to this off to the south, precipitation has been moving from south to north throughout overnight and relevant i morning but what will happen with this circulation is it will make a right-hand turn and pull out from west to east. so that said, we may be stuck with this for better part of the day through new jersey. we have coastal flood advisories posted from now, until noon, into the afternoon here. specifically for atlantic county and up the shoreline towards ocean, as well as machine mouth counties here. so with that said high tides
8:31 am
is coming in over the next 45 to 50 minutes along the shore points. living in the area that typically sees tidal flooding make sure you take care of your vehicle. get it out of the way. half move to it higher ground. visability have been less than ideal and they are less than ideal as we speak because of the rain, win messing with your windshield visibility here too. through the next hour your typical morning rush up until 9:00 a.m. but beyond that point retuesdayed visibility still a concern. slow travel ponding. that whole mixed bag with the rain coming down steadily. poor drainage flooding is an issue. you to have slow down today, vittoria, over to you. she took words right out of my mouth. only thing you can does prepare for delays, keep a safe distance with the vehicle ahead of you. make sure your wipers are on, lights are on and practicing extra caution because almost all roadways look like this, very slick and wet and jams.
8:32 am
eastbound 422 delayed out of royersford down to 202. traveling on the ben franklin bridge making your way westbound, right lane block as a result of construction but delays are out there full swing. admiral wilson boulevard down to eighth and vine. six is your average on the schuylkill, 14 on 476 and 11 on i-95 southbound on boulevard approaching the schuylkill. we have usual delays, as we experience every day but you they are extra heavy. also 295 southbound in new jersey, black horse pike we have an accident. that delay stemming back to seven 36789 we have had that volume, spilling on to 73. unfortunately in the middle of all this for anyone traveling in center city broad street is closed as a result of the tractor trailer accident at parish street. this is also involving a fuel spill so best alternate is 15th and 16th and smh, shaking my head because that is last thing we need in center city. >> thanks very much. developing this morning three suspects in the attack on a gay couple walk out of court after posting bail. >> their lawyers and a friend
8:33 am
of the victims are telling different stories. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from central detectives with the latest on this story, jane, good morning. >> good morning. they had to wait here at central detective here all night but finally early this morning these three suspects charged in this case of a brutal beating of a gay couple in center city. they were arraigned this morning and they face charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy and reckless endangerment. taking a look at the video we shot this morning you can see them being released from central detective after posting bail. two men were released on $57,000 bail and women released on $50,000 bail. it has been our first good look at the suspects. they are three people police say are responsible for brutal beetling of the gays couple in center city two weeks ago. the that thinks year old philip williams, 24 year old catherine knott and 26 year-old kevin hard again, all three turned themselves in yesterday morning. now their arrest comes after
8:34 am
surveillance video was release that had showed them just before the the attack. the the victim says this group approached and then suspect yelled gay slurs at the couple, as the men were being beaten. "eyewitness news" was able to speak to all three defense attorneys and friend of the victim. both sides tell different store business what happened that night. defense says this was a mutual fight and not at all about sexual orientation. >> you know, i think it will come to light he didn't deliver the blows that broke that guy's jaw. >> to fracture orbital bones, to fracture cheekbones, to necessitate someone's jaw being wired shut for eight weeks that is annex stream amount of force. >> reporter: now all of these people are expect back here, in court at the end of the month. we're reporting live outside september rally with detective, jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. all right, jane, thank you. happening today a number of local democrats will address media calling on republican governor tom
8:35 am
corbett over his budget cuts to education. they tell "eyewitness news" his $1 billion in cuts force school districts to increase property taxes and layoff thousands of staff members. they are expect to speak at 10:30 this morning. now, just yesterday, governor signed a bill to impose a $2 sales tax on cigarettes, that will help fund philadelphia's school district. much more to come this morning. right now coastal storm we have been talking about all morning long is serving up a 1/2 punch of wind and rain across the the area too. >> witt in knees hawes ace front row seat to the action and there it is, right now. cameraman big show andy wiping off camera. the that is carol eric some than in front of it. it looks like it has calm down a bit but still pretty rough. >> it looks like we are having technical difficulties with carol's audio. carol if you can hear me your audio is not working. i don't know if andy can hit a couple buttons takes a look at that, andy will take a look at that and we will try to get
8:36 am
carol in a minute. >> no, it is not working that storm is wreaking havoc. >> we have been checking in all morning long up to a half an hour ago. carol could barely stan up this wind was so strong that system ace affecting our area we will have have more with katie and carol in a little bit. right now 8:36. new jersey governor christie says camden is safe ever. >> he made several stops in the city yesterday afternoon including right here in elijah perry park. governor congratulated police and volunteers. he noticed sharp reductionness crime just compared to two weeks ago. >> but you there is no penalty for standing up and appreciating what has already happened even when there is more work to be done. we need every once in a while to remine your oval that we're making progress and things are going better. >> later governor talk to the football team at camden high school. improvement we're told more officers patrolling the street. it is a sight for sore eyes at the gas pull seven
8:37 am
these days. prices are falling right here in the tri-state area finally good news. >> in fact we found a number of local stations under $3 a gallon. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco went on the the hunt for the best deals. >> and, south jersey driver, doing a double take. >> my eye coming by, yes, shock, about time. >> reporter: we found three stations on the white horse pike with prices under $3 for gallon of regular. the catch, you have to pay cash. but drivers are lining up, gladly keeping pumps busy late into the evening. >> i'm's excited. i hope it stays this way. >> i think it is magnificent. the it is a big change. we should stay with it. i think that the economy deserves a break today. >> that is crazy. >> guillen a is a student and every cent counts. she's saving $4 on this tank money that she can use. >> it is like i will get gas
8:38 am
new. >> reporter: price's cross the tri-state have fallen across 40 cents since their high over memorial day and early summer. triple a says winter gas is cheaper than summer time mixes and being that elections are around the corner, that helps too. we have asked drivers if they can remember the last time they saw price these low. >> quite a while, quite a while. >> way too long. what is going on? >> reporter: average cost of a galleys still $3.40 in places like philadelphia, and those surrounding areas, other than here, in new jersey, triple a expects prices to drop even further, about ten to 20 cents by the end of october. in lawnside, new jersey i'm diana being owe for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> double taking seeing that sign under $3. >> wow, great. >> we will be right back good morning.
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carol erickson is in atlantic city which a firsthand look at the connection. >> little hard wiring here and all is well. we did move. i was afraid we were get doors blown off the van, literally when you opened them, the wind was so strong it was just taking them away. we are in the slightly more sheltered area but with this sea wall look at the the waves coming up over this sea wall. this is what is going on with that coastal storm churning. streets are filling up. not everybody on these exact shoreline but inland we will fine these streets filled with water and you can see right over here we've got the water and the the streets and it its coming up higher and higher. i got a wave right through my shoe. when you go down to this other street i have watched a car coming through and it looks like it was a boat going through water. water levels are coming up, coastal flood advisory started at 8:00. it has in the been going on that long but it will continue
8:42 am
until noon. we will have high risk of rip currents and just the wind that are out here if you just go up the shoreline a little bit here is there a gale warning out there. the winds, rain and wind driven rain an ugly combination as we get our first coldal storm of the fall season that didn't take long. we have turned into fall at 10:29 monday night. so this is a look in atlantic city at this point, windy, wet, raw dau. reporting live, carol erickson now you back to you in the studio. >> all right, thanks carol. >> here's an update worth sharing. facebook earn more than $5 billion during first half of this year alone. chances are you didn't see a dime of that money. >> but how about you getting paid for your post. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at a new social media site where you can cash in on sharing your thoughts.
8:43 am
>> hi, we're the besties. >> reporter: nicole johnson and kerry finkly are two actresses trying to make tonight hollywood. they used to post their comedic videos on facebook and twitter but now they use bubblelous a free social media site that pays people for their post. users can attach video accounts first tours and text to their pages and earn a penny for every like view and comment. nicole and kerry's ten earned them a hundred dollars. >> we have put time and effort in these video. it is nice to actually get a little compensation for work that we do. >> they created bubble lous have after watching facebook make billions off web site where users supply content without getting paid. >> we wanted to kind of put a stop to that rather than just have a network that is built up on basically the ideas of other people. >> reporter: bubblelous makes money off advertising but nicole and kerry say it is not just about the money. >> it is a matter of respect
8:44 am
too. when we feel respected we will also respect the work. >> action. >> reporter: so until they catch their big break they are happy to collect a penny for their thoughts. the company's main competitor is a web site called bonesellme which offers a similar services and gives 80 percent of the advertising dollars to the members. bubblelous has 300,000 users. it pays out in $50 increments. depending how viral your post becomes it could abe while before you get your first check. reporting for three on your side aim he jim donovan. let's check out our traffic and weather together with katie, good morning. >> good morning everybody. we will start off with a wider zoom on storm scan three so you can see the structure of this storm system. remember when we get a nice area of low pressure developing in this hemisphere we will see counterclockwise circulation and it looks like a candy cain or a comma and we are starting to see that form take shape here. basically we are dealing with is center of the circulation
8:45 am
at this point feeding back in so much moisture to the point where it is foggy outside. what is good about this forecast is that the worst is happening right now and it will get better with time. we will look ahead to what will happen in the next couple of hours and there will be some showers but we will see bright orange and yellows drift away with future weather. while this is just a guide, it is not gospel in terms of the guidance here. we are at least going to start to see back edge on this moving in as early as afternoon for the western suburbs and pull away from new jersey as the night progresses. to the point we will hit tomorrow morning and you are back in the full sunshine. that is something that we can look forward to as high pressure regains control. in the meantime, it is windy outside. at least a lot more windy then we are used to as ovulate. we have had such dry weather and that will help in the fact that we will not be dealing with major flooding out of this storm system but thinks enough wind that it will send your trash can just flying right down the street. 21 miles per hour sustain winds, at philadelphia
8:46 am
international right now, it is causing delays, which i know torey will be talking about. she has been updating us all morning. as days progress it will get better from here so by saturday, and sunday for that matter lower 80's, full on sunshine. it can only get better from here we have just got to get through today, vittoria, over to you. >> absolutely, we just to have push through this rush hour and then focus on mentality on that weekend. katie says it will look brighter then things right now. we will take a lot at 42 freeway, southbound, you are absolutely jammed from the atlantic city expressway down through walt whitman bridge. stop and go points. the it is still just totally slow. traveling the schuylkill expressway the same story, westbound and eastbound this time here approaching city avenue in the westbound direction but as we look at our wide basically all over the map. it doesn't matter where you are traveling on the the schuylkill we will find some sort of volume abe your low speed is 6 miles per hour. so plan accordingly for. that 14 is your average on 476, 11 on i-95 out of the northeast philadelphia i want
8:47 am
to step out of the shot ever so slightly for a second. take a look at 295, 295 southbound is just awful, approaching 73, all the way down through the 42 as a result of the accident at the black horse pike. that northbound side is a gaper delay to go with it. also we didn't need to hear this, center city broad street is close add the parish street due to a tractor trailer accident involving a fuel spill. best alternate is 15th and 16th street. traveling at philadelphia international airport got almost two hour delays there as well, erika. ♪ >> the word is, the academy award nominee jeremy render stars in the conspiracy thriller based on real life events. >> susan marquez shows ape gives us a peak of kill the messenger. , not my job, the facts pretty or not. >> reporter: jeremy render stars as a real life journalist whose controversial reporting came with consequences he never imagined n kill the the messenger render place gary web who
8:48 am
wrote investigative series dark alliance in the 90's. articles describe a conspiracy involving l.a. drug traffickers and cia back remember else in nicaragua. >> is government aware were you smuggling tons of cocaine into the united states. >> i think it takes a lot have have courage and even a little bit of crazy to be able to sustain that level of truth and commitment to your job. >> reporter: but articles triggered a backlash mostly aim at web himself. >> actions in his work should be admired but rarely rewarded. >> film makers home kill the messengers restores the journalist reputation. >> stories are just too true to tell. >> reporter: susan marquez, cbs news, hollywood. >> he does great work. >> word is that joan london makes a bold move. >> she posed bold and
8:49 am
beautiful for this weeks people magazine cover. here's london where she is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer and shaved her head as she goes through treatment. she went without the her wig as an opportunity to raise awareness and empower, other women. former jersey shore star mike the situation sorentino is facing federal tax charges. camera crews crowded around sorentino as he left federal court in newark yesterday. sorentino and his brother mark are accused of filing false tax returns on nearly nine million-dollar they earn. two pleaded not guilty and they are free, on $250,000 bail. fans of the derek jeter can expect to shell out big bucks if they want to see yankee slug inner his final home game of his career. seat geek found ticket are now going for an average of $642 on line and seat geek says cheapest ticket are half that amount around $360 a lot of
8:50 am
money. >> yes. >> don't forget you have a chance to come on down to be next contestant on the price is right, we are hosting a search at sugar house casino between noon and three tomorrow afternoon. two winners will fly to los angeles for a taping of the show and one of those two people is guarantied a spot on contestants row. we will put details for you on cbs we will be right back. i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone
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three suspects in the beating of a same sex couple in center city are out ol bain. the three suspects walk out of central detectives, earlier this morning. they face a salt and conspiracy charges. more air strikes in syria, yesterday. some targeting oil refineries. britain's prime minister is expected to ask parliament to allow england to join the the international effort, against the islamic state. we are seeing a lot of rain across our region right now and it will be like that, it looks like most of the day. be careful on your way to work school or where ever you are going. a lot of ponding on your roads. katie has your forecast before we head off the air, katie. >> we should take you out to storm scan three where i just hit button by accident. let's adjust it back where we continue to track heavy rain, on cross our area. it does look like things are trying to dry out through southern most new jersey but
8:53 am
you will be stuck with the wind at least for the next couple of hours. what you you will need to expect is next few hearst to feature periods of rain for om of you, rain amounts up to 2 inches and gust up to 35 miles an hour. so travel has been a nightmare to say the least here this morning so with that torey, how are we looking. >> thanks, katie to say the least, a nightmare. it really is slow, it is slick, and as we look the at these speed sensors six on the schuylkill. eleven on i-95. fourteen on the the blue route. traveling on 295 in new jersey is quite a mess as well. we have an accident approaching black horse pike and bad news bears out there. >> that it is, slow your roll, family. quick reminder for all of you who wake up this early we go on the air 4:30 a.m. on cbs 36789 we are here bringing you news weather traffic and sports and we like to bring it to you extra early. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at cw. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are always on, at cbs >> check out talk philly at noon on cbs-3.
8:54 am
we will be right back in 302nd with one more check of traffic and weather together with the latest on that storm, we will be right back. ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. just a a soggy start to the day as a coastal storm leaves this marks all cross the region. gusty wind may to be blame for this scene in clementon, camden county. large tree there barely missed a home on delaware avenue. it was brought down with some wires, too. down the shore in atlantic city meanwhile they are getting pummeled. high wind helped large waves crashing over the sea wall and flood neighborhood streets. for latest on the system and check with katie, good morning. >> this is definitely a storm system most felt at the shore points where we have got the the ocean, and the waves, just churning out there. i know surfers love this stuff but we want you to be careful out there. many of you will be deterred, from the shoreline when you
8:56 am
take a look at this just a mess outside, with soaking rain coming down, we have relocation, almost nobody is the exception, to the wet weather rule this morning. meanwhile, there will be gradually be tapering that takes place when it comes to the wet weather and wind as well but it will take sometime. this is mostly an all day event, especially through new jersey. fifty-six later tonight with showers end ago cross the the board but won't draw to the close until overnight for everybody at least. friday looks so much better, the weekend, even better with low 80's and plenty of sunshine to go witt. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. we have a lot to get to through this rush hour. before i get to what is traveling behind me on the the schuylkill 59, vine street expressway, blue route, pennsylvania turnpike you are delays in those usual spots and then some because of the weather. looking at 422, ease bun right around 29 we have an accident situation which is compromising left-hand lane. penndot and police are on the scene this delay is already continuing to grow, and, low
8:57 am
visibility. we will look at our numbers, on the six on the schuylkill, 14 on the blue route, 11 on i-95. two hour delays at philadelphia international airport, quarter. that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl. i hope you have a great morning. mmm! ring ring! ring ring! progresso! you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well vegetables... shh! taste better in our savory broth. vegetables!? no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste.
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>> with just the snap of a finger -- >> wendy: and engine stalled at 8400 feet. >> i don't think we're going to make it. >> wendy: we begin our "seven days ablaze" on a wing and prayer. >> god, i'm not ready to go yet. >> wendy: and a crash in the canyon. ♪ >> pat: well, welcome to this edition of "the 700 club." we're delighted to have you with us today. rosh hashanah, the beginning of the jewish new year, and we had a marvelous celebration last night. it was streamed, and many of you may have seen it. it was just a beautiful celebration. we showed you some clips of that. but in the news, it looks like we're targeting some oil refineries and oil depots in syria. and


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